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Electromagnetic Field Balancing®

I am here for you at this time in the evolution of our planet when we are called to usher in our brightest, most coherent future in the full expression of who we are.



During 25 years of dedicated meditation practice I kept wondering how to share outwardly the states of knowing, bliss, and strength found in deep inner silence. Not all of us are eager to spend many hours in stillness, so I was delighted to find the energy work system called Electromagnetic Field Balancing® (EMF), a powerful, practical tool that enables us to access the profound peace and mastery of life experienced when the energy body is in balance.


Dayana is a highly accomplished and evolved energy healer. Her many decades of inner work provide a foundational structure of support, love, and rapid evolution for her students. She lives and embodies the work of energy transformation and evolution. The depth of her holding allows for the work to be easy, fun, and joyous. Dayana allows us to experience that our growth can be effortless and profound at once. She is a gifted practitioner.

Michael, Maui


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