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EMF Phase I-IV sessions help you learn to manage your personal energy and support your ability to co-create your most enlightened life ... to live energetically aware.


The results are determined by your own inner wisdom, using your heightened energy to move forward in your own power. These are permanent, establishing a new pattern in the electromagnetic field that remains in place as the basis for your ongoing development.

The sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via phone or videoconferencing. Single sessions last between 60-85 minutes, and combination sessions last 100 minutes.

For pricing and to book a session please click below.

wisdom & emotions

In this session we clear and balance the energy centers (chakras) in the front of the body. The clearing helps let go of any thoughts, feelings or emotions that no longer serve you on your journey and to utilize the wisdom of both your head and your heart. The balancing allows you to receive the energy of love throughout your entire being.

self-direction & self-support

In this session we clear and balance the energy centers in the back of the body, helping free you from past events and the emotions and feelings that are triggered in your day to day life. This session assists you in living with greater freedom as you embrace the lessons and the wisdom of your past experiences.

radiating core energy

The theme of this session is “it isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it is the pebble in your shoe.” In this session we clear the minor energy centers in the joints of the body. This allows for a greater flow of energy to and from the core of your being, generating a greater sense of peace and an overall feeling of being at home in your own body.

energetic accomplishment

In this session fears and worries are cleared, whether they are conscious or unconscious. By making a stronger connection to the core of your being the energy is redirected towards your hopes, dreams and wishes. This session strengthens your focus to manifest and accomplish your deepest desires and purpose.

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